In recent years, the spread of social networking, especially Facebook, has somewhat underestimated its importance in spreading information. So when social networking is increasingly Google and other search engines appreciate the algorithm to determine the rank of a website. So What is the role and importance of social networking in SEO? Let’s get to know each other better. You can see more Top Seo Trends 2018 article to understand the trend of Seo in the next year.

Prestige And Importance Of Social Network In SEO

Like the search engines classify links based on quality, they also rank the social network account based on the prestige and credibility of the account holder in that social network. This is understandable because anyone can create a social account. No one can stop you from creating 100 different accounts for yourself.
In fact, such accounts can be easily detected. Because they have very few or almost no “quality” friends.
Ideally, your name should be mentioned by reputable people on social networks. Having a reputable account of yours is even better than that. So be enthusiastic about contributing to the community like contributing to your own website, and you will get even more.
Not all links from social networks are dofollow. Normally, reputable social networking sites will default to the nofollow outbound link to block spam (especially links from comments). However, there are certain ways to get your articles dofollow links from major social networking sites.
There are a lot of social media outlets, but most of them are not really that interesting, because you just want to get direct web traffic from these websites. Instead, take a look at what’s more important, traffic from these sources allows you to: get visitors and increase your pagerank rankings from the links of social networking sites.
Social Networking SEO Support Effectiveness:
Using social networking is becoming a popular trend for young people, even gradually become the life of many people. The names such as google +, facebook, Twiter … are attracting huge number of visitors. And if you know how, social networking will assist in the good SEO web work and promote your business image quite effectively.

Google+ Social Network

Google+ is becoming the second largest social network for businesses. As of March 2013, Google+ has 350 million active users, more than on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.
When content is posted to Google+, it also has the opportunity to improve its rankings because the content is then pushed into the personalized search results of users included in Google+ Circles. And so content such as online video (YouTube – a Google product), images and text also increases in appearance naturally.
Boosting content to Google+ from your YouTube channel or Pinterest is a good idea. Google+, as a Google product, is also bound to be integrated into content and natural search support applications.
With Google+, you can also set up Page for business. This means that a user can follow and interact with your business at a personal level, creating the opportunity to build a relationship.

LinkedIn social network

LinkedIn makes it easy to build relationships with potential customers. LinkedIn launches and aims to create and grow business relationships, and currently has 225 million active users in over 200 countries.
The obvious opportunity to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool is to build a personal brand for managers, boost sales for business development professionals, and market opportunities through advertising to find information. Lead gen advertising in real time, LinkedIn-driven.
Marketing on LinkedIn is quite complex. Marketers can run an object-oriented advertising based on position, industry, title and other specific criteria found in demographics. In addition, these ads can capture the customer information very quickly.
On LinkedIn, there are paid features like Lead Builder and Profile Organizer that serve as a CRM for businesses.
But the most attractive feature on LinkedIn to anyone doing B2B sales is the ability to learn everything about potential prospects at the professional level (pro level) beside knowing the right way to Offer the most effective introduction.

Twitter social network

email marketing 2017

Twitter is the easiest way for CEOs, marketers, and business professionals alike to get their message across. Twitter is like a microblogging (microblogging) that allows you to create quick information in the form of a “copy” conversation by tweeting and retouching links pointing to the source of the conversation (ie, your web site and blog).
With a mechanism that allows for the creation of private lists, Twitter is a great place for SEOs to find and interact with users.
Twiter helps you: Create online reputation, lead thinking, and a strong brand image online.
Twitter is the place to deliver “hot” news, where real-time conversations take place. Twitter is the best social media tool for launching events and running those events directly.

Youtube Social network

YouTube video links can be embedded and shared on other websites, such as SlideShare, another online marketing tool needed by the business. Then, they are more likely to appear with the target audience on social networks.
Online video, if done correctly, will be meaningful to the brand and build the basis for your targeted interaction, should be an important element of any social media marketing program of online marketers. .
YouTube, a Google product and video sharing platform, is itself an opportunity for SEOs to set up B2B social networking. Most properly-engaging and properly-shared videos can surely bring quality customer information to the business.

Facebook social networking

No matter what, Facebook is like King Kong on the social media arena and Facebook is definitely a social network that supports the top business for the business as well as the SEO community. Facebook is often used to support businesses as well as the people of SEO in promoting images and brands.


The above article gave you some understanding of social networking as well as the importance of social networking in SEO. Sincerely, you are interested in watching, look forward to more contributions from your feedback.


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