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Seo 2017

Search engines are a great source of traffic. If your website is ranked higher on the search engines, the greater the amount of natural traffic to your website. So how do you appear in the top positions on the search results? Make SEO Optimization (Search Engines Optimization). Pay attention to building the structure and content of the website; How to attract the most search engines. You will have many chances to achieve high rankings. This SEO process revolves around 3 main points:

1. Keyword research

Keyword research is the first step in boosting your SEO Marketing Plan keyword.

2. Onpage SEO

Search engines crawl your website and search for information relevant to the user’s search needs.
So, you should start by identifying the main keywords. Then integrate them into a place of your site. It is possible to insert articles, images, internal links and other data … Your goal is Google and Bing link your website with the most relevant searches.

3. Off-page SEO

The SEO value of the site will increase significantly when other sites link backlinks to you. The more quality links, the more search engines will appreciate your site.
The secret to getting a good quality backlink is to invest a lot of effort and time, but it definitely helps you succeed.

Google Adwords

Adwords 2017

You can assume that the forms of online advertising on Google are too expensive for small businesses. In fact, the type of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the perfect solution. Only at low cost but helps us reach the right audience.

You can set a maximum budget to pay and determine criterias which your ad reaches. Therefore, only groups of people with the same interest in your product service will see this type of ads.

While optimizing SEO takes a long time to be effective, PPC paid advertising is a great alternative to help you increase high quality traffic to your site in just a short time.

Building a community on a social network

Social Media 2017

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are important platforms for increasing your traffic. Social networking is also a unique live communication channel so you can interact with your target audience in a natural and friendly way. This is why so many brands are trying to develop a community on the social network.

To build a social community, who love your brand, you first need to choose the appropriate social networking platform. The most attractive page for your target market and best suited to your own style.

Once you’ve done that, you can start planning to build a right strategy for you to grow your brand – Define contents to transmit, how often it’s posted, and keep interacting with community members.

1. Building Content

Here is an article with a built-in framing, how to create a viral content by  sharing, you can learn more about them.

2. Marketing

If you spend a day creating content, spend three days marketing them. This is to emphasize how important your marketing time is. There are 3 main channels I usually go to to share articles:

2.1. The Facebook group in the field. (the more you participate the more viral potential when sharing is higher)

2.2. Forum in the same field (how to search reference this article)

2.3. Find the big fan page, pay them to their PR article.

Note the time frame: depending on the time frame and date, it also strongly influences the viral ability of the article. Each market will be different, so share many times to know the best time frame. I usually share at 14h45p every Friday.

Note: Each forum / group has their own rules, before posting, read the rules and follow them first, as well as build relationships with admins via comment / like / share and posts. Your “newly approved” there.

Facebook Ads

Although social networking in general and Facebook in particular, is a great place to increase free traffic. But most social networking sites also have advertising products to help new brands expand. Reach to many potential customers, quickly.

Unlike PPC, social media advertising is not a costly tool. You can set a maximum spend budget, identify your audience, and target your audience

Building Blog

blog 2017

When a customer visits your website, you need to attract him immediately with attractive and designed beautifully content . Building a blog is a great investment. Here you can upload beautiful photos, interesting articles, news updates and other types of information that will appeal to your target audience.

Not being born is also a blogger, but that can not stop you from adding a blog site to your site. You can always come up with creative ways to interact with your readers, even if you are not good at writing.

In the world, there is a famous blogger who has shared his ways through the blogging tutorial series

Email Marketing

email marketing 2017

Experienced marketing experts all acknowledge the power of Email Marketing in driving traffic to website. A powerful email about your product appears in the customer’s mailbox. If the quality of the email content is attractive, beautiful design, high chances that readers will visit the website and become your customers.

Get started on building beautiful email designs; content, special offers or interesting news updates to attract customers to see more the website.

Also, analyze data to help you evaluate your email campaigns. From there, get the experience to go for more effective email campaigns.

Video Marketing

Success business concept: arrows hitting the center of target, Blue Video Marketing on wall background, 3d render

Using Video in Your Marketing Campaigns is a new trend nowadays. With the success of Facebook Live Stream and the rise of YouTube, video has clearly become a huge potential marketing channel. You can use videos to attract visitors to your site – either on social networks or via email.

Video is also a way to “retain” visitors engaged in engaging with beautiful video investments on your site. Then navigate your visitors to your conversion goals (such as signing up, leaving information …).

Monitoring, analysis and improvement

Knowledge is power. And knowledge in digital marketing means tracking your site’s performance statistics. You can follow the method above to promote your site. But if you do not pay attention to the effectiveness of these methods to optimize your time, effort, resources, it is wasted.

Data Statistics tell you exactly which methods are most successful with which objects. Traffic comes from which source is most effective at what point in time. Which keywords are giving you more traffic? Retention of information helps you make smarter choices for future campaigns. And that’s how you keep growing!

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